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Woo'd By Event Food

On request the Woo’d team have this year started to offer hot catering for functions and events.


Continuing our passion for providing tasty, nutritious food our range of dishes pack the flavour punch our customers have come to expect.

Every dish is cooked using only the freshest of ingredients and hot food is served with all accompaniments. 


Disposable plates/dishes, cutlery and napkins are included.

Please feel free to call to discuss your requirements or any allergens you may have.

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Event Food

Minimum order per dish is 30 portions


£10 per portion when ordering 30

£9.50 per portion when ordering 60

£8.75 per portion when ordering 90

£8.00 per portion when ordering 120

£7.00 per portion when ordering 150+

For further details please contact Michael (07730 615 263) or Joanne (07800 957 182) direct for further information to ensure we deliver the perfect package.

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